Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin Connect With Liv.e for New Song and Visual, "Mind Right"

Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin are Fly Siifu. The duo will release their new full-length project Fly Siffu’s on November 13 via Lex Records. After introducing the world to their chemistry with the undeniably smooth and nostalgic “Richard Pryor” back in September, the two return with their second single “Mind Right” featuring guest vocals from singer-songwriter Liv.e and production by Jay Versace.

With their first single, Siifu and Anakin delivered sharp yet flee-flowing bars. On “Mind Right,” the two slow things down, taking some time to recalibrate with a minimal and dream-like piano loop. The artists sort through vinyls at their day job, a High Fidelity-esque scene where both can hint at some of their favorite records while restocking the store’s shelves in the Barrington Darius-directed visual. Some standouts include Little Richard, SZA and Ras G — the latter received a special mention in the credits: “Much love and respect to Ras G and the whole Shorter Spacebase Ghetto Sc-Fi Family. Stank u Poobah Records Shop love to all the kinfolk only,” the text reads.

Anakin, who hails from Richmond, Virginia and is a founding member of his Mutant Academy collective, has a singular voice that’s transported in time. It pays homage to the 90s underground while he has these long stretches of incredibly technical raps with no syllable wasted. Meanwhile, Pink Siifu has been a dominant force all year. He turned heads with his militant punk record NEGRO, telling HYPEBEAST, “Because ensley, bro I do not know when I’m gonna make a full rap album where I’m just rapping on every song again.” He then decided to go on a tear doing just that, providing show-stopping verses on “Cement” with ShunGu and following that up with collaborations with Black Noi$e, Real Bad Man. Armand Hammer and The Avalanches.

Liv.e takes over by the end of the song with her half-sung, half-rapped spoken word creating a hypnotizing outro. For more from her, revisit our feature “Liv.e’s Soulful Existence Was Freestyled From Solitude” following the release of her album Couldn’t Wait to Tell You….

Watch “Mind Right” above and stream Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin’s latest single below. In more music updates, James Blake returned with his surprise four-track EP Before.

Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – Fly Siifu’s Tracklist
1. Kin’Tro (prod. Mejiwahn)
2. Fly Siifu’s Voicemail
3. Suitcase Special (prod. Budgie)
4. Runthafade (prod. Lastnamedavid)
5. Foisey’s Interlude feat. $ILKMONEY (prod. Foisey)
6. Richard Pryor (prod. Playa Haze)
7. Open Up Shop feat. B. Cool-Aid (prod. Ahwlee)
8. Mind Right feat. Liv.e (prod. Jay Versace)
9. Shloww (prod. iiye)
10. One Hit Moo Skit
11. Rick James (prod. Ohbliv)
12. Black Bitches Matter Hoe
13. Spades’ (prod. Graymatter)
14. [email protected] (prod. iiye)
15. Clean feat. Liv.e (prod. Lastnamedavid)
16. Creme’s Interlude feat Fousheé (prod. Creme)
17. Waiting To Get Shot (prod. Malik Abdul Rahmaan)
18. Time Up (prod. Madlib)
19. Demon Tyme Skit
20. Razberry (prod. Ohbliv)
21. Pick Up TF Phone
22. Dollar Dr. Dream (prod. Animoss)

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