Piers Morgan sheds weight as Covid battle leaves him ‘chronically fatigued’

Piers Morgan has updated fans following his battle with Covid, which he contracted three weeks ago, stating that he has lost some weight because of it.

The former Good Morning Britain host got struck down by Coronavirus at the Euro 2020 final, and he's not held back when highlighting just how bad it has left him feeling.

Prior to falling victim to the virus, the 56-year-old fought hard to challenge the government through the pandemic but nevertheless has been dealing with the nasty symptoms of the relentless illness.

In his latest Daily Mail column, the presenter explained: "It’s now been three weeks since I went down with Covid, and I still feel as rough as a badger’s backside, with chronic fatigue and a lack of taste/smell."

"Many friends have also recently had the virus, with varying severity, as the Delta variant spreads like wildfire.

"They include singer James Blunt, who caught it just before he was due to perform several UK shows last week and fought an extraordinary battle to avoid cancelling them."

He then went on to reveal the ins and outs of the conversation he had with the You're Beautiful singer, who told him "it’s a worse experience than I expected."

James told Piers he was "fine with the fever" but was terrified when it moved into his lungs, which then affected his breathing leaving him unable to talk.

Before James became ill, he was due to perform in Bournemouth but found a "major flaw in the virus."

"'It may have silenced my talking, but if I took enough steroids, inhalers, anti-inflammatories and antacids in the hour before the shows, then I could sing,'" he told the GMB star.

"Obviously, I explained to James, the real major flaw in the virus is that it still allowed him to sing," Piers joking added.

"But it’s been fascinating to hear how different the Covid experience is for many people.

"In fact, the only side effect we shared was a positive one: weight loss."

"He’s shed 4kg and I’ve dropped 2kg."

The TV star also updated fans in his Mail on Sunday newspaper column, writing on 27 July: "I’ve been left with waves of fatigue and a persistent cough that apparently could go on for quite a while.

"But by far the most annoying side effect is my current ongoing inability to taste or smell fine wine."

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