Photographic Evidence Mariah Carey Is Never Not Glamorous

A cleavage-baring wetsuit with braids is made even better with a cameo from the singer’s mini-me, daughter Monroe.

Oh, you didn’t know wearing heels and fishnet stockings would totally elevate your workout (and Instagram game)? Let Mimi show you how it’s done.

Baking calls for a cleavage-baring lace-up top, high heels and black sunglasses — if you’re Mariah Carey, of course.

Truth: Carey only shops for pineapples while wearing at least one blingy accessory. 

Some people take off their jewelry when taking a bubble bath. The “Vision of Love” crooner is not like most people.

Who knew sushi could give the singer such a natural glow? Oh, wait. She always looks this good.

A satin nightgown is the new apron in Carey’s household. Naturally.

A form-fitting red dress fit for a gala is the only way the performer can fly in peace.

Her beauty squad provides full hair and makeup before bed; Carey provides them with an a cappella version of “We Belong Together” and “It’s Like That.”

No red carpet gown? No problem. Carey opts for sunglasses and statement earrings to balance it out.

But first, a photo.

Sand is the new snow. And bodysuits are the new bikinis.

But trades the snow gear for a swimsuit because she is perfect and is unable to feel below freezing temperatures.

The most effective way to unwind is to dramatically laugh on your couch … in a purple satin gown.

And looks ever-flawless as she’s being pulled in all different directions.

Never. Stop. Posing.

Instagram or Carey’s cookbook cover? You decide.

Once a squad leader, always a squad leader.

“This is perfectly normal.”

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