Phillip Schofield ‘broken and ashamed’ over affair but says ‘I’m not a groomer’

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    Phillip Schofield has broken his silence on his affair with a much younger colleague, expressing his deep remorse and shame.

    He emphasised that he “did not groom his colleague” during an interview a tell-all interview.

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    Visibly shaken, he told The Sun: "There are accusations of all sorts of things. It never came across that way (an abuse of power) because we'd become mates. I don't know about that."

    Acknowledging the forthcoming judgment, Schofield added that he "understood" and reflected that he did not think about it possibly of ruining his career.

    "I really probably only thought about it when I saw the rumour mill, and saw it growing," he added.

    Discussing his motivation for keeping the affair hidden, Schofield explained further that he didn't lie to protect his career and this he only did to protect his former lover.

    “He wanted his own life."

    Expressing the escalating impact of the lies, he added the lies "grew bigger and bigger" and it was having a huge effect on them both.

    "It got to the stage where it was out of control and for whatever cost, it had to stop."

    Overwhelmed with guilt and regret, Schofield confessed that he held "massive guilt and regret" as he confessed to his mistake.

    Vaping furiously, he sincerely apologized, directing his words to his former boyfriend, saying “my greatest apology must go to him.”

    He went to explain that the incident has brought great misery into his life and he is totally innocent.
    “It has brought the greatest grief to them," he said.

    He went on to say that the pair have not spoken since this “sh** show” kicked off and that he has personally paid for lawyers to independently work on his former colleague’s behalf.

    Admitting he was “deeply mortified” Phillip reiterated his apology, saying that he will forever be sorry.

    It has been reported recently that the former This Morning presenter told his "devastated" wife Stephanie Lowe that his ITV lover was "just a friend". before his relationship was revealed.

    The star allegedly also only told his daughter about his relationship with a younger male colleague minutes before the bombshell statement aired to the public.

    According to Mail Online, friends say that Stephanie, the mother of the presenter's two grown-up daughters, had no idea of his relationship.

    The outlet also revealed that Phillip's daughter Molly only found out about her fathers' relationship minutes before the statement to the Daily Mail in which he admitted "lying" to "friends, family and colleagues".

    “I will die sorry. I am so deeply mortified."

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