Offset and Cardi B's Quarantine Activities Prove They're Just Like Us

These days, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home because of the COVID-19 quarantine. Life in a lockdown can start to feel a little boring for us ordinary folk; a lot of us are spending our time snacking, working from home, and binge-watching our favorite shows.

But what about celebrities? Quarantine for the rich-and-famous is sure to be more exciting or glamorous than it is for most people, right?

Recently, artist Offset talked to GQ to give fans a glimpse of what he and his famous wife Cardi B are up to during their coronavirus quarantine — and you might be shocked to find that it doesn’t sound too different from what we’ve all been up to these days. Offset and Cardi B are still relatable.

Who are Offset and Cardi B?

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For people who are unfamiliar with this mega-famous couple, we’ll first break down who Offset and Cardi B are.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanazar, is a rap artist originally from Washington Heights in New York. She captured fans’ hearts with her incredible musical talent which can be seen in No.1 singles like “Bodak Yellow,” and her unapologetic attitude. The world was first introduced to Cardi B on VH1’s reality show, Love & Hip Hop New York, and has achieved immense success in the industry since then. She is now estimated to have a net worth of about $4 million.

Cardi’s husband, Offset, makes up one-third of the popular rap group Migos. They soared to fame when they were featured on Drake’s 2013 single “Versace” have achieved almost non-stop success in the music industry ever since. Offset is estimated to be worth around $16 million. 

Offset and Cardi B are quarantining together

Cardi B and Offset got married back in 2017 with a secret wedding in their bedroom, and are parents to baby girl Kulture Kiari Cephus. Despite the infidelity rumors and being on-and-off for several years, the couple is currently going strong and are quarantined together in LA.

Because both Offset and Cardi B are such successful superstars, it’s rare that they get this much time off together, and it seems like they’re enjoying quality time together now.

“Yessir. Both our time and both our schedules be hectic, so we’re taking advantage of that,” Offset told GQ magazine recently, when he was asked whether it was nice to have some rare downtime with his wife.

In the GQ article, Offset also seems just as bored at home as the rest of us: he says that he puts on new outfits every day just to go outside in his driveway and take pictures for his fans.

“To be honest, I like to get dressed so much, I’ll find myself putting fits on and taking pictures in the driveway just so I can have some content to give to my fans while we’re sitting at home,” he confessed. 

Celebrities binge the same shows that we do

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Offset had another surprising reveal in his GQ interview: He shared with the world what he and Cardi B are bingeing together while in quarantine. The answer might shock fans: Offset confessed that the couple is watching the bizarre hit reality show Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness! This show has recently taken the world by storm with its investigation into the people involved in the exotic pet industry.

It seems like celebrities like Offset and Cardi B are enthralled with the unique series just like the rest of the world. Celebrity or not, keeping oneself entertained during this quarantine is a challenge that only Tiger King is up to facing. Maybe celebrities aren’t so different from us after all!

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