Noel Gallagher believes in aliens and hopes they’re already fans of his music

Noel Gallagher believes in aliens and hopes when they make contact they like his music.

The Oasis legend is intrigued by the Pentagon's report to Congress on UFOs which confirms that they don't know what numerous flying objects in the sky are or where they come from.

Noel, 54, is excited for first contact and just hopes that Earth's extra-terrestrial visitors are music fans and are "good looking" aliens.

He said: "I just hope they’re into music so I can sell them s**t and I hope they’re not ugly and nice to look at."

Noel is certain that any potential interplanetary arrival will be aware of him and his hits such as Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Supersonic.

He added: "The leader will lean into one of his close aides and whisper, 'Who is this fella again?

'Who is this guy?' And the aide will go, 'He's the guy we've been talking about, he wrote all the tunes.'

"Then I’ll say, 'Anyway, what are you after? Do you want to buy some records?'"

Although he is excited about potential alien visitors he doesn’t think a lot of the woke mob will be able to cope with space beings actually existing.

He add: "That will help with the planet's mental health, 'We're not alone.'"

Noel recently made the headlines after he told pal Matt Morgan on his podcast that he and his brother Liam Gallagher had attended the same football match and were both unaware.

The Wonderwall hitmaker was fuming that his team missed out on winning the Champions League and stormed out of the stadium in Porto, Portugal, when Manchester City lost 1-0 to Chelsea last month.

Speaking to Matt about his brother being there, he said: "I didn't even know he was there until I got back, somebody said, 'Oh your kid was there.' I was like, 'Was he?'

"He never goes to a f***ing match.

"I bet he's been to two games in 10 years. And we f***ing lost both of those no doubt," he went on.

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