Mulatto Says She Doesn't Want to Stay in the Rap Game: 'I Just Want Generational Wealth'

Mulatto, aka Big Latto, is hitting high notes in her career right now. Rapping since she was a teenager, the Atlanta native has worked with the likes of Gucci Mane, City Girls, G-Eazy, and Trina.

She still has aspirations and dream collaborations in mind (Nicki Minaj is on her wish list) as she looks ahead, but Big Latto does not want hip-hop music to be the entirety of her legacy. For her, rap is not a forever thing.

Mulatto embraces some competition in music

With a string of solo and collaborative hits to her credit, Mulatto is hitting her stride. As a young rapper, she showed her hunger for the game on Miss Rap Supreme but was already grinding it out around Atlanta.

One of the things she savors about hip-hop is doing features with male artists she admires. She once told The Source she tries to outrap the guys on a track, but when working with women, it’s more of a fun sisterhood vibe.

She loves what she does and Mulatto told the magazine at times, it all feels like a dream.

Mulatto has plans to stop rapping

During an appearance on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live show, Mulatto discussed her career, stage name, and adjusting to fame. He asked Mulatto what she sees for her future and what she wants to do, and she gave a thoughtful answer.

“I know I don’t want to rap forever,” she said. “I know that. So, I say 2021 is my setup year. I just filmed my first movie, so I want to be a name versus a song,” she shared.

Mulatto explained there’s a difference between being a celebrity brand and being an artist who’s only associated with a hit song. Citing Rihanna as an example of a mogul, she said she’d rather expand than stick to one thing.

“I want to be Mulatto the celebrity — Big Latto the celebrity — versus Big Latto that’s got that song ‘B*tch From Da Souf.’ I know I don’t want to rap forever, so 2021 I’m setting up myself different avenues of income,” she said. She added she’s forging brand partnerships in fields like cosmetics and hair and wants to generate enough cash to eventually check out of the rap game.

The 22-year-old noted that starting out young in the business helped her go through the materialistic phase sooner. She’s already experienced wanting expensive cars and jewelry and is seeking something else. Mulatto said she felt she wasn’t mature enough to have so much money but now things are different.

“I don’t give a f**k about none of that sh*t. I just want generational wealth,” said the rapper.

What’s next for Mulatto?

As many fans are aware, Mulatto’s caught flak over her name and its meaning. With negative connotations attached to the term “mulatto,” she is in the process of officially changing it. During an interview with Hot Freestyle, she explained that she wants the big reveal for her new moniker to be a production.

Mulatto stated, “I need to be able to speak on it and people hear me out.” She said a simple Twitter announcement “isn’t sensitive enough for the subject matter.” The rapper added the change will happen in 2021 and will be attached to a new project she drops.

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