Meghan Markle and Prince Harry mocked by podcaster Matt Walsh sparking backlash

Conservative Commentator Matt Walsh seems to have rustled some feathers recently after he took a swipe at Prince Harry and the Meghan Markle for their recent Time Magazine feature.

The outspoken podcaster who is known for his controversial views, appeared to not support the cover of the publication which showed the duchess standing confidently while her husband crouched behind her.

Taking to Twitter, Matt made his feelings known to his 661.8k followers while describing the prince as "beta" male for his slightly squatted position.

Posting a picture of the front cover, the podcaster penned: "Harry crouching behind his wife while grabbing onto her shoulder is the perfect representative of the modern beta male.

"The man has just been absolutely neutered. A sad display. The media loves it."

He then went on to add: "Sorry I should be respecting their privacy. That’s all they want. They’re very private people."

But although a few appeared to agree with Matt's remarks, several others shared their disappointment regarding his outlandish views and his opinion on the terminology "beta male".

Some social media users also pointed out the fact that Harry once assisted in the Afghan war.

Taking to the comment section, Twitter users aired their thoughts.

Sharing a picture of the Prince wearing his military attire, one fan wrote: "You mean this guy, the Apache helicopter pilot who served two tours in Afghanistan? Tell us more, Colonel Walsh, brave hero of the Bowling Green Massacre.

Another penned: "The guy is a combat helicopter warzone veteran sitting down behind his wife because he’s 7 inches taller than her and the photographer asked him to for a couples shot. You cannot possibly be serious."

A third tweeted: "Powerful, confident men don't need to be the centre of attention at all times. I don't understand why anyone obsesses with meaningless labels like 'alpha' and 'beta' when adjectives like decency and respect are far more relevant."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "It’s incredibly obvious how insecure you are about your own masculinity given how obsessed you are with talking about the masculinity of other men. Is this a 'fake it til you make it' type thing? Or perhaps the beard is not just a personal grooming choice but also symbolic?"

Earlier this week, Time Magazine unveiled the Prince and the Duchess as among the 100 most influential people.

The married couple appeared on one of seven covers for the publication, with one of the photos showing the pair walking outdoors surrounded by trees.

The iconic list which is not ranked in numerical order includes 54 women and 46 men from all sectors of society.

Editor-in-chief of Time Magazine Edward Felsenthal said they were all "extraordinary leaders from around the world working to build a better future".

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