McFly ‘didn’t speak for months’ as McBusted tour left pals ‘worst they’d been’

McFly are officially back after over half a decade.

The band, who crashed into the scene in 2004 with 5 Colours In Her Hair, had appeared to call time on their performing and recording days after two years as supergroup McBusted drove them apart.

Now, after taking time out, the group are back together and ready to take on the world once more.

Speaking at a secret launch of their debut O2 Arena show, Harry Judd said: “We’re not good at talking about stuff and cracks started to appear after the McBusted tour as the dynamic in the group changed with more members.

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“It was an amazing experience and it really blew up but after McBusted our personal friendships were the worst they had ever been.”

The Strictly Come Dancing champ added: “Even though there was still a deep bond and love for one another it was a weird time after McBusted finished.

“It was a few years in the wilderness.”

Revealing how he only kept up to date with his band mates via Instagram, Tom Fletcher continued: “The last three years there has been a huge void in our lives.

“Being in a band is all we knew – it was the weirdest thing for us all to deal with.

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“I hadn’t even spoken to those guys for a few months and I was watching Busted on stage with my son and he was like ‘Why are you not on stage daddy?’”

“I was like, ‘Yeah, I should be. That’s what I do. I go on stage.'"

McFly will play London’s iconic O2 Arena on November 20.

The gig will be the first time the group has ever played the 20,000 capacity venue as a four piece.

Revealing how they plan to drop new music weekly as a countdown until the big show, Tom added: “In 2011 we started our sixth album and it felt great – we actually recorded a whole album.

“We released the lead single and then McBusted was born and we had to shelve that album.

“Those songs have effectively been lost to the abyss of our our hard drives and computers.”

Harry continued: “As a thank you to the fans we are going to release the songs every Sunday in the run-up to November 20.”

Danny Jones added: “They are not re-recorded. They are just as they were, as demos.”

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