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Taylor Swift finally made her return to American Music Awards stage after four years. She opened the Tracee Ellis Ross-hosted show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on October 9 with a rendition of her “Reputation” track “I Did Something Bad”.

Rocking a sparkly burgundy jumpsuit and knee-high black boots, she sang about keeping the upper hand on playboys as she was joined by a dozen of female backup dancers. There were also male backup dancers, but they were swayed at her command as the stage exploded in flames and sparks.

The fiery performance came to a climax towards the end, with her dancers splayed out on the floor. “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one/ They got their pitchforks and proof/ Their receipts and reasons,” she sang as an enormous cobra head emerged behind her and she was lifted up on the dancer’s hand.

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