Madonna rocks leather ensemble and ‘waits for the cocaine to kick in’ in clip

Madonna appeared to be in high spirits as she uploaded a new clip to social media in order to promote her new track Frozen.

During the video, she downed a drink and kept fluffing her lines, meaning she had to film multiple takes.

She even announced that she was "drunk" and that she was "waiting for the cocaine to kick in" during the social media upload.

The 63-year-old music donned a skintight black look as she promoted her new work and had her hair and makeup styled in full glam, with her long blonde locks looking sleek.

The new track is a remix of her 1998 single Frozen which was reimagined by DJ Sickick in late 2021 and then was released as a song itself last December.

The clip was published on Instagram and captioned as “This is Mer-Donna”.

In the video, she can be seen saying: “Hi… this is Madonna. The mother of Jesus."

In another take, the pop star started again, adding: "Hi this is…"

The person recording could then be heard saying "take one more sip" while she downed a large gulp of liquid from a wine glass.

The Material Girl then introduced herself as: "Hi… I'm drunk.”

She then continued: “OK, wait for the cocaine to kick in. Fighters, we're all fighters.

"Don't anybody touch me. I'm going to call the police.”

Then near the end, she commands: “Make sure you check out my new Frozen remix” – only to be interrupted by something falling in the background.

“That was so good. I’m feeling so strong,” before flexing her toned muscles for the camera.

Madonna has reinvented herself throughout the years and many eras, often wowing fans, however, recently she has raised a few eyebrows.

Many of her fans are worried she's trying too hard to reclaim her youth and the mum-of-six was even accused of looking "like an alien" earlier this month.

The mum-of-six is said to be “unconcerned” that her fans and even her children have expressed their worries, with them worried about her constant attention-seeking and efforts to look young.

A source told Heat Magazine: "Lourdes, Rocco and the other kids tiptoe around this subject with their mum, but it's reached the stage they're getting concerned about her.

"She isn't ready to give up music – but the whole industry is so youth-focused.

"She doesn't want to hear it, but they won't let it ago."

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