Love Island’s Brett claims he suffered homophobic abuse after leaving ITV show

Brett Staniland has claimed he struggled to go out in public after his appearance on Love Island back last year.

The fashion model may have only lasted for several episodes on the hit ITV2 dating show but he says his life dramatically changed upon his return back to the United Kingdom.

After being scouted through Instagram DMs, Brett was successful in becoming a bombshell after discovering he was heading to the villa just two days before his journey to Majorca.

Now, Brett claims that the edit for the final programme left him feeling redfaced after potential suiter Priya Gopaldas admitted she wasn't into him.

Speaking about his experience, the brainiac who holds a PhD in Applied Biological and Exercise Science says he faced a barrage of abuse after his exit.

He told The Sun that he received a substantial amount of abuse that made it "challenging to go out in public".

"There were a few bad situations at parties I went to and a lot of homophobic abuse against me," he went on to tell the publication.

Brett added: "They say don't read or engage with the negative stuff online, but it's really hard to escape when it's on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and everywhere else.

"Nothing prepares you for someone coming up to your face and calling you a c**t or a f****t, it's really challenging, but now things got better."

Brett has previously addressed the abuse he faced and speculation surrounding his sexuality, telling his Instagram followers: "Calling me gay will never offend me.

"It does not affect me one bit. But when you choose words in a way so that being gay is deemed as wrong, that is when I have an issue with it.

"Homophobia will not run at all on here."

The star has praised the show in the past for giving him a platform to discuss things that he cares about.

Speaking to BBC Derby, he explained: "I can talk about mental health and online abuse and talking about topics like masculinity and gender norms.

"I've been seeing with my nails painted or wearing a pearl necklace and things like that. People are very quick to suggest that's not what a man dresses like or that's not what a masculine man is.

"The things that I wear don't actually have a gender.

"I think the show that I was on in particular really relies on the segregation between men and women, too, so even at dinner time and lunchtime, we were sat with the boys and the boys, then the girls with the girls."

Since appearing on the show, Brett has passed his PhD and now walks the runways at events such as London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week after signing with BMA Industry.

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