Love Island’s Anna Vakili says hideaway had secret stash of ‘weird’ sex toys

Former Love Island star Anna Vakili has revealed the hidden truth behind the "secret sex toy cupboard" located in the swanky Spanish villa.

Anna, 31, appeared on season five of the hit ITV2 programme, entering on day one before leaving on day 52, alongside the likes of Maura Higgins, Amber Gill and Amy Hart.

Earlier this week Anna's co-star Amy left Daily Star readers stunned when she revealed that the Islanders were treated to a secret wall filled with sex toys.

However, viewers wouldn't have noticed the interesting wall that resembled any other wall to those looking from the outside, with only the Islanders and production crew knowing about it.

Speaking to Daily Star during a Facebook Live, pharmacist Anna discussed Amy's revelation, saying: "That was in the hideaway!"

"In the hideaway, there's like those compartments you would press and all these weird things would come out," she continued.

Anna went on to say: "In general, in the villa, no, there's nothing hidden – everything is out there."

Addressing the mystery items that viewers didn't get to see, Anna revealed: "We had like little blindfolds, we had handcuffs, like little feathered things.

"God, don't remind me of my hideaway scenes!"

However, Anna has always remained tight-lipped about the night she spent in the hideaway with Jordan Hames, while viewers were left convinced that they were "doing bits".

After their mystery night in the hideaway, Anna told Jordan to tell the fellow Islanders: "Okay we haven't had sex but I can't tell you guys the rest. You just say that, that's all I'm going to say."

Jordan, however, had different ideas, asking if he can tell his friends they had "just done bits".

Furious by his question, Anna exclaimed: "Are you f***ing serious?" before telling her to "chill out", adding that he was joking.

Speaking to Daily Star, Amy Hart revealed: "So we had the secret cupboard, the wall.

"You pushed the wall and then it opened and it had all of the bits in it."

Amy wasn't surprised that ITV producers had switched things up this year, giving contestants a drawer instead of a "secret wall".

The former flight attendant went on: "The villa is built inside a villa so they take it down and recreate new stuff every year."

The Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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