Logic Is Praised After Calling Out Concert-Goers for Bullying a Disabled Fan

During one of his shows, the ‘1-800-273-8255’ spitter helps a fan, who is in a wheelchair, as it has been said that other fans in his section do not let him see.

AceShowbizLogic doesn’t condone any kind of bullying, especially when it comes to his fans. At his show, the “Homicide” rapper called out some people who bothered a fan, who was in a wheelchair, as he invited the teen fan to join him on the stage.

“Earlier today in the show, there was a gentleman who was in the crowd and he couldn’t see,” Logic told his audience. “He couldn’t see and motherf**kers were all around him, f**kin’ with him.”

The rapper went on to say that he “did our best to bring him on stage and give him the best f**king view in the house” as the fan made his way to the stage. He later asked the 19-year-old, whose name is Hamad, where he was sitting. After he pointed out the section, the rapper added, “F**k y’all who was over there f**kin’ with him.”

The “Vinyl Days” musician went on to say, “So, this is what we gonna do right now. You gon’ f**king kick it up here for the last song, and after this song plays you get every single piece of merchandise for free tonight and we gon turn the motherf**k up.” He then proceeded to perform his last song with the fan staying on the stage.

Logic shared a video of the heartwarming moment on his social media accounts. “This kid came all the way from Dubai to see me but drunk people were messing with him… so I gave him the best view in the house,” so he captioned the clip. Hamad expressed his gratitude to the hip-hop star, replying to the rapper’s tweet, “You made my night I promise you the next show I’ll be standing on my feet attending your concert it’s a night I’ll never forget thank you so much.”

Other fans were praising Logic for his act. “This is why you’re the goat,” one of them gushed. “Whole show was insane but it was sick that you got to do this for him. He looked so happy throughout the whole song,” another fan added.

“You are the man! That made my heart and soul light up,” someone else raved. Another comment, meanwhile, read, “It’s amazing how he managed to still interact with the crowd, work the stage and engage with him while he was up there to make him feel involved. Logic will always be the realest rapper alive.”

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