Lizzo almost flashes privates as she peels off knickers in ‘nearly naked’ clip

Lizzo has caused an internet storm yet again with an incredibly racy but hilarious video.

The music sensation, 34, took to her platform to advertise her incredible "nearly naked" underwear.

Modelling her collection, the hitmaker proudly showcased her killer curves in the virtually invisible lingerie that was working wonders to enhance her dynamite hourglass figure.

However, the songstress realised half way through promoting that she'd forgotten to remove her "panties" that were visible underneath the new lingerie.

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Not wanting to disappoint fans with a half-hearted offering, she decided to peel off her knickers.

The Juice singer hoisted up her leg, grabbing hold of the flimsy material with both hands as she began to yank the doubled-up pair away from her body – while attempting to continue wearing her new range.

But in the process of trying to manage many demands the elasticated garment that was hiding the Pop star's private parts was stretched out a little too much and fans noticed.

After ditching her pants, she proudly proclaimed: "Nearly naked is back in stock."

Comments began to amass in their thousands beneath the raunchy post.

One person penned: "Free the fupa," as another wrote: "Come on now you showing too much babe."

A third explained: "Ooooo I could see her kitty."

While a third moaned: "No more privacy on the internet."

The post clearly divided many of Lizzo's adoring fans with some being totally in awe of her "confidence" and others asking if the post was "necessary".

Regardless of what people had to say, the talented musician certainly hadn't been affected where sales were concerned.

Speaking to camera on a separate video Lizzo revealed her new range Yitty was "always sold out" having only just launched in April of last year.

She said: "Listen I'm not supposed to brag but, you know I'm supposed to keep it cute, keep it humble.

"But I launched Yitty in April of this year and we've already broken our records in sales and memberships.

"And apparently, according to all of my friends and also the internet we're always sold out of s***."

She added: "Well good news yarl, run don't walk to because Nearly Naked is back in stock.

"You ready for this."


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