Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shares why ‘strange and absurd’ Simon Cowell ‘fears him’

Simon Cowell has been slammed by Changing Rooms star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

The interior design icon has let loose about his thoughts on Simon's home as he chatted exclusively to the Daily Star.

Laurence said: "I am slightly concerned about Simon Cowell moving to the Cotswolds. I know Simon, he is a lovely man, we do a lot of charity work together, but I also know that he has got a fixation on minimalism.

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"I think the idea of picking a fine 'ole Cotswolds manor house very much like mine and painting it all white and making the windows bigger is going to lead to a very strange place.

"Fundamentally, this idea of making spaces to be as empty as possible. I just don't understand actually, our lives are very full, so our houses should be full, the whole kind of concept of clutter is weird to me.

He continued: "When you think about Simon's living room, it is immense, it is a football pitch but it's empty. How much does that take to hear? It feels wrong to live in enormous rooms with nothing in them.

Actually, really, life should be about the stuff we live with. Life should be about the effects we have on the environment that we inhabit. And I feel very much actually, there's been a style that's been created by people or not by designers but just like people who want to make rooms much more like them."

When asked if Simon would let him revamp his abode, Laurence laughed: "He fears me, he fears me doing exactly that more than anything.

"I think he's deliberately making sure that I don't know where he lives so I don't let myself in and do something with it. I think he's a great human being."

He also took the time to pick holes in his samey style and quipped: "But he is a funny thing, you know, we're dealing with someone who has exactly whatever it is 250 T-shirts. It's not the way that we live my friend."

The TV legend has just released his new book More More More: Making Maximalism Work in Your Home and Life.

*More More More: Making Maximalism Work in Your Home and Life by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is now available, published by DK at £20

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