Katie Price wows without make-up before unveiling glam Christmas makeover

Katie Price decided to do something different over on her YouTube channel in a bid to cheer up folk who are at home with nothing to do due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Changing things up, the 42-year-old opted for zero make-up as she provided a tutorial for detailing her every day application.

Car salesman boyfriend Carl Woods kicked off the filming, catching Katie off guard as the video started before she was ready to go live.

The former glamour model can be seen wearing a white headband with a bow which was used to push her highlighted locks away from her face.

She told her followers: "This is a quick way of how I do my make-up. I've got no make-up on, as you can see.

"I've got a spot there – it's the time of the month – and a spot there."

Beginning the process, she opted for a face cream before opting for two foundations in a mid to match her tanned complexion.

Before applying, she warned: "Remember I am 42 – if I cake on too much I look older."

Using a Pat McGrath brush, she dabbed on her concealer all over her face before blobbing on her chosen shades of foundation, one called Caramel, the other Praline.

Carl who had left the room returned to watch his girlfriend who appeared to suffer a number of camera blunders as it slipped out of focus on two occasions.

The mum-of-five joked: "I'm like crouched down like a little old lady. It's the first time i'm doing this, it is what it is and I will only get better.

"But at least it shows it's real."

Before her 31-year-old boyfriend can be heard chirping in the background "or things can only get worse."

Not long after his comments the camera hilarious slips out of view for the third time before the reality star started to become annoyed.

Re-positioning the gadget, she fumed: "Ohh this f***ing camera."

The My Crazy Life star confessed that she wasn't a professional when it came to applying her make-up but said she'll try out a few more transformations on her YouTube channel.

Finishing up she popped on some fluttery 'doll' lashes, followed by some Charlotte Tilbury mascara and added rust colour around her eyes.

Completing her look she popped on some lip gloss, followed by some blusher.

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