Katie Price says she’s had IVF treatment and ‘hates’ her children’s dads

She's never been known for holding back, but Katie Price's latest interview is no holds barred. Katie was this week's guest on the Netmums podcast , Sweat, Snot & Tears – and no topic was off the table.

Mother-of-five Katie revealed that she would happily add to her brood if possible.

"I’m 43. Obviously, I want more kids," she said.

"If I had natural births I would be going on and on. But I’ve had one natural birth and four Caesareans. So I have to stick to that, but at 43 your eggs get lower.

"If not, I would do a surrogate, obviously with Carl’s bits and my bits. We have gone down the IVF route as well."

The glamour model and reality star also opened up on the pain of miscarriage.

"I’ve had two miscarriages. Just before I did the London Marathon I had one. But I didn’t want to let the charity down, so I did it," she said.

Her recent troubles have been well documented, and Katie says she has been in a dark place.

"I was suicidal," she reveals.

"People think I went into the Priory because of drink and drugs, it’s not true, it’s because of everything I’ve been through. There is a build-up of events.

"Three incidents have happened to me in the last few months that led me to going in the Priory. I’ve been coping with life quite well, but they are quite serious incidents.

She adds: "It’s a mental health hospital. I said to my mum, I’m not in rehab."

Katie is seeking ongoing help. "Every week I see my therapist. I can rant at him, and not those people close to me."

Asked by podcast presenters Annie O'Leary and Wendy Golledge about co-parenting with her kids dads, Katie did not hold back.

"Forget it, I will stop you there," she replied.

"I hate the dads. The Priory no1. and The Priory no2. That’s all I’m saying.

"My relationship with them are non-existent. I’m blocked from with one of the dads, and it was always lawyers, lawyers. And now I refuse to do lawyers, lawyers."

However, Katie says that the children are her priority.

"I will say never ever use the kids as a pawn," she muses. "Even if you hate the other parent, don’t let your kids know and just do what’s best for the kids.

You want a happy home when they are with you and a happy home when they go to them. Always think of the kids, they want their mum and they want their dad.

"Let your kids see both parents. Never use the kids ever, even if you hate the other half."

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