Katie Price says Harvey is ‘safe and well’ after emergency trip to hospital

Harvey Price is thankfully "safe and well" following a sudden trip to the hospital, his mum Katie Price has confirmed.

The 18-year-old was taken to the emergency department on Saturday evening, having suffered from a high temperature of 39.9 degrees.

When Katie realised she couldn't bring down Harvey's temperature, she took him straight to the nearest hospital, where he underwent a number of tests.

On Sunday afternoon, reassuring fans Harvey had recovered, Katie shared a video with her son from the sofa, keeping fans updated on his condition.

She said: "Just had a reaction. Now the reaction was a really really high temperature. 39.9.

"And obviously with Harvey, I have to really keep an eye and I couldn't get his temperature down.

"So I phoned Great Ormond Street and they told me to go to the nearest A and E. So that's what we did."

Speaking to Harvey, she said: "Did all your bloods, you had an x-ray, bloods, ECG, everything."

Katie said the medics at the hospital suggested the high temperature was a reaction to the coronavirus jab that Harvey had recently received.

She explained: "Everything was fine, they just said it was a reaction from Covid."

Harvey then added that he was feeling well, as his mum added: "Today he's absolutely on form, aren't you? And the doctors and nurses were fantastic.

"I can't wait to still have my Covid injection and I still recommend everyone else have it. And Harvey is safe and well."

Below the clip, Katie's followers sent their love to the family, glad to hear Harvey's temperature had dropped following the health scare.

"Great news Katie! Thanks for sharing this news with us," said one fan, and another wrote: "Glad to hear it Katie."

A third chimed: "Well done so glad Harvey is back home and ok. Hope you're ok Katie. Saw you on Loose Women. You're v brave. Sending love to you and all the best. Stay safe and well. X"

The mum-of-five received praise earlier this year with the release of her BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me.

In the one-off feature, Katie highlighted the struggle families face when a child with complex needs turns 18, investigating the best residential colleges for Harvey's future.

Harvey, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, is also partially blind and has been diagnosed with autism.

Describing the documentary, Katie said: "Together we have built our private world, a bond between mother and son which goes deeper than most – we are unbreakable."⁣⁣

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