Kate Winslet fantasised about Guy Pearce before steamy sex scenes together

Kate Winslet has revealed she recently filmed a sex scene with actor Guy Pearce – who she fantasised about when she was 11 and he was in soap Neighbours.

The Oscar-winning actress, 45, had an intimate scene with Pearce, 53, for the new HBO series Mare of Easttown.

She says as a child she had a massive crush on him when he played hunk Mike in the Australian soap Neighbours.

Kate revealed her girlhood crush to film critic Mark Kermode on the podcast Kermode On Film.

She said: “Guy and I have, there’s a couple of intimate scenes shall we say between the two of us.

“Well, what do you do with two actors who have intimate scenes together and it’s Covid? Well, you quarantine them together and you put them in a house together.

“I got to do the recycling with Mike from Neighbours, which was not part of my fantasy, I just want you to know.

“And I would remind him of that all the time – like ‘Darling, why am I going through the bins with you? This was not in my fantasy when I was eleven years old and fell in love with you in Neighbours.’”

And he was like ‘Look, I’m sorry it’s just if there’s a sardine tin in the trash it has to go in the dishwasher.

‘”I’m like ‘Okay, that part also wasn’t in my fantasy.’ So, it was hilarious.”

Meanwhile Kate has opened up about the "judgment, discrimination and homophobia" actors face in Hollywood, as she called for a movement similar to #MeToo to change things.

She told The Sunday Times' Culture Magazine: "I cannot tell you the number of young actors I know — some well known, some starting out — who are terrified their sexuality will be revealed and that it will stand in the way of their being cast in straight role.

"A well-known actor has just got an American agent and the agent said, 'I understand you are bisexual. I wouldn't publicise that.' I can think of at least four actors absolutely hiding their sexuality. It's painful. Because they fear being found out."

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