Kate Garraway remains positive amid Derek heartache in adorable clip with son

Despite her ongoing heartache, Kate Garraway was full of smiles as she took some time to play with her son who later chased her through their home.

Kate, 53, has shared a hilarious video clip on Thursday evening, informing her social media followers that her home-schooling plans aren't exactly going to plan.

The Good Morning Britain star has continued to be both a teacher, mother and news anchor throughout the pandemic while dealing with her husband Derek's battle with coronavirus.

However, Kate has revealed that while they continue to pray for positive news – their spirits are still high as they enjoyed quality time together.

Taking to her Instagram Grid, Billy sneakily filmed his mum in their kitchen and living room, cheekily hiding the camera before saying: "Today I'm going to be climbing on this [sofa], don't tell anyone but I'm supposed to be online schooling but I'm watching TV," moments before he climbs onto the arm of their green sofa.

Out of shot, Kate can be heard saying: "Bill you are actually doing the work?"

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He responds: "Yes," but his mum questions him asking: "Are you sure?" before she walked into the room and caught him messing around.

Astounded by Billy's action, Kate exclaims: "You're not," before throwing a handful of balls at the 11-year-old while laughing.

Startled by his mum's actions, Billy shouts: "What the hell?!" before grabbing his lightsaber and chasing her out of the room while she giggles.

The mum-of-two penned alongside her post: "Where have you got to with homeschooling in your house? This is where we are!

"Think it was me that learnt a lesson here – don't mess with an 11 yr old with a light sabre!!! So glad it's #friday tomorrow."

Yesterday [Thursday], Kate returned to her seat on Good Morning Britain after being absent for several weeks, explaining: "ITV gave me time off as I hadn't been feeling well.

"The chickens came home to roost after a long year, and I just took some holiday at home. I had a lot of sleep and medicine and feeling much better."

Kate's husband, former lobbyist Derek Draper was admitted to hospital in March 2020 after contracting coronavirus before being placed in a coma after falling fatally ill.

Despite no longer having the deadly virus or being in a coma, Derek is currently battling Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness, which renders him almost completely unresponsive.

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