Kanye West Distances Himself From Alt-Right Provocateur Candace Owens

On Tuesday evening, Kanye West denied the claim that he had designed a logo and merchandise for a political branding exercise called “Blexit,” which urges black voters to leave the Democratic Party. The concept, originated by alt-right provocateur Candace Owens, advertised that West designed the group’s merchandise, which he denies. 

“I introduced Candace to the person who made the logo,” he wrote, but did not identify the designer in question. “They didn’t want their name on it so she used mine. I never wanted any association with Blexit. I have nothing to do with it.”

On Monday, Candace Owens released a statement, also via Twitter, that walked back West’s involvement with “Blexit” after West’s involvement began to spread. “I said on stage that my friend and fellow superhero helped me design the ‘X’ for BLEXIT,” she wrote. “BLEXIT is a project that is mine entirely. I am blessed that Ye introduced me to a designer who despite having totally different beliefs than me, helped me craft some beautiful letters that I used on the BLEXIT caps.”

According to Page Six, Owens said at a recent Washington, D.C. event that “Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West.” Owens added that West “has taken one of the boldest steps in America to open a conversation we have needed to have.” Owens’ later statement downplaying West’s involvement obviously did not quell the flames that came from West’s continued association with agitative conservative figures, which led to West’s more forceful denial. 

West went further on Twitter, announcing that he’s ending his wildly inflammatory foray into politics this year. “My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in,” he wrote. “I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!”

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