Joshua Bassett Denies 'Lie Lie Lie' Is About Olivia Rodrigo in Interview

Disney+ star Joshua Bassett released “Lie Lie Lie” after co-star Olivia Rodrigo dropped her hit single “drivers license” and fans are still discussing the rumored connection between the songs. But in a new interview, Bassett shut down the rumors. He even went as far as to say that the identity of the song’s subject will forever be a mystery. Read on to see what Bassett had to say about the speculation.

People speculated that his song ‘Lie Lie Lie’ is about Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo released her single “drivers license” on Jan. 8, 2021, which includes lyrics about a specific person being with a “blonde girl” and “always talk[ing] about” getting her driver’s license. People immediately began speculating that Rodrigo’s song is about Bassett, who she works with on Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Bassett’s song, which is all about accusing someone of lying, came out one week later. Fans suspected that his song was in response to Rodrigo’s single. But chronologically, that doesn’t make sense. There’s proof on Bassett’s social media: He wrote “Lie Lie Lie” a long time ago.

Joshua Bassett wrote the song ‘Lie Lie Lie’ in 2019

Despite the fact that Bassett released his single in January 2021, he actually wrote the song in 2019. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star shared a snippet of the song on his Instagram in November 2019. This proves that he wrote “Lie Lie Lie” long before “drivers license” came out.

Bassett credits the song title as “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)” in the November 2019 post. The title has since been shortened to simply: “Lie Lie Lie.”

Joshua Bassett says ‘Lie Lie Lie’ is not about Olivia Rodrigo

In a video interview with song lyric website Genius, Bassett reiterated that his single is not about his Disney+ co-star. He weighed in on the speculation about it.

“I thought it was funny people sort of jumping to conclusions on who they think the song is about and them thinking I wrote and released it within a week, it’s kind of ridiculous,” Bassett said about the speculation “Lie Lie Lie” was in response to “drivers license.”

Bassett then pointed out that fans can see his Instagram post from November 2019 of him singing the song.

“There’s literally proof on my Instagram that I wrote it two-and-a-half years ago,” he said.

The Disney+ star then teased that, “nobody will ever know who this song is about,” intriguing viewers even more.

“But it is funny to see the speculation on who people think it’s about,” he continued. “I’ve done my best to sort of make it clear that it’s not about anyone in particular that they might think it is, but people are gonna think what they’re gonna think.”

Bassett also shot down the idea that his second single since “drivers license,” called “Only A Matter of Time,” was also in response to Rodrigo’s song in a TikTok comment.

“I wrote this song half a year ago, and this release has been scheduled for months,” Bassett said in a TikTok comment on his video.

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