Jamie Oliver’s life – huge net worth, cheating accusation, and making wife cry

Celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver shot to fame as the Naked Chef in 1999 for his hit TV series.

Since then, he has raked in the cash with his book series and TV work, and started a campaign to improve healthy eating in schools.

His family life has also seen him face cheating accusations to tragic losses as the food connoisseur turns another year around the sun.

Many fans are well aware of his thriving career highs, TV shows and book deals, and also some lows, like when his restaurant chain crashed and he lost £25m of his own money.

Big brood

Jamie married his childhood sweetheart Juliette Norton, more commonly known as Jools, in 2000.

After 22 years of being together, the couple has grown their family significantly and share five children together.

Jamie and Jools have a large family, as they are loving parents to daughters Poppy, 19, Daisy, 18, Petal, 12, and their sons Buddy, 10, and River, five.

Lavish home

The family all live together in a luxurious £6million 16th century mansion which is located in Essex.

Their home is situated on a 70-acre estate and includes a six-bedroom farmhouse, a three-bedroom lodge, plus, converted stables.

Jamie even set up shop at home during the Coronavirus pandemic when he had to shoot for his TV shows from the comfort of his own home.

Cheating claims

Jamie's wife once accused him of cheating as she became suspicious after she kept seeing him with grass stains on his knees.

He told Closer magazine: "My missus accused me of having an affair once because I kept disappearing and coming back with green on my knees."

Jamie cheekily added: "It was courgette season and I was in the vegetable patch!"

Jamie has ever maintained his innocence and stands by the fact he would never cheat, but that does not stop Jools from having her suspicions.

In 2011, she confessed that she often finds herself snooping on him.

Jules told The Telegraph: "I'll check his email. I'll check his Twitter. I'll check his phone. Everything seems fine.

"He says I'm a jealous girl, but I think I'm fairly laidback, considering."

Harrowing heartbreak

Jamie's wife Jools, 47, has previously opened up about how she would love to welcome a sixth child and even decided to try undergoing IVF to reach her goal.

However, she tragically suffered five miscarriages on her journey, the latest of which happened during lockdown.

Her second miscarriage even endangered her life and left her with PTSD as she struggled to cope with the loss.

Bravely opening up about her experience, Jools revealed on Saying Goodbye's new Life & Soul podcast: "If I hadn't got to the hospital when I did, I don't think I would have survived.

"Miscarriages can be so damn dangerous, they can take your life.

"I get flashbacks that I’m going to have to live with the rest of my life and that is really hard."

Emotional work

As mentioned, Jamie had to bring work home with him during lockdown as he was forced to film from his own kitchen instead of a studio.

With the help of his trusty wife Jools, who helped get behind the camera, well iPhone, at the time.

Though she would often end up in tears during filming as the chef and she would butt heads during the process.

Jools spoke about this on the Spinning Plates podcast with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and said: "There were so many times that I'd be crying and I'd go "I don't want to do this," and he'd go "right, get on, do it now", and I'd think "this is so not natural to me".

"It was all such a bonkers time. I don't know how we all came out of it pretty much normal.

"He just used to lose his temper a bit. It's just he just used to get so moody. I thought 'hang on a minute', And then he'd realise when I got upset that actually, it's not my job."

Net worth

The chef has an estimated net worth of over £240million, according to Spears.

This is mainly due to thanks to his successful cookbooks, TV shows and restaurant group, Jamie's Italian.

Despite his restaurant chain closing its doors, Jamie managed to rake in a fortune after selling over 14million copies of his books, earning himself the title of being the second best-selling British author behind J.K. Rowling, and the best-selling British non fiction author.

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