How Miley Cyrus Is Getting Fans Excited For The Super Bowl

While The Weekend is headlining the Super Bowl LV half time show, Miley Cyrus is getting fans excited about her Pregame Show. Cyrus is headlining the NFL TikTok Tailgate, a show that will also host other musical performances and special guest appearances from the NFL, on top of cooking segments and more, per People.

To prepare for the show, Cyrus took to Instagram to tease her outfit for the show: a two-piece bikini with heeled boots. Unlike her mullet with business in the front, party in the back, this outfit was party all over. “MILEY: FOR THE WIN!” she captioned the post.

Smilers quickly took to Cyrus’s comments spreading their excitement for the show. “YAAAAAAS. PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR!!!” one fan wrote. “Can’t believe that you’re gonna make me watch sports,” another joked.

In another video, Cyrus also showcased her impressive vocals, running on a treadmill while belting Bikini Kill’s track “Rebel Girl.” To conclude her workout, she stretched her vocals when performing “Angels Like You,” from her latest album Plastic Hearts. After seeing her stripped-down vocals, the Smilers were impressed and supportive. “I literally could not love you more if i tried,” wrote one Smiler. “This energy is everything. You were born to run!” Another wrote, dishing out a lyric from Cyrus’s song “Midnight Sky.”

Cyrus’ video was such a hit, it even inspired some friendly imitation. 

Cyrus' pre-game prep inspired other singers

The sneak peek of Miley Cyrus’ pre-game preparation not only drummed up support from Smilers, but it also sparked friendly competition from a fellow singer: Lizzo.

In a video posted to Instagram, the “Truth Hurts” singer acknowledged Cyrus’ video and decided to participate. “So, I saw Miley running and singing her song for stamina, so I’m gonna run and sing my song for stamina. I’m doing this for all the big girls out there. They said we couldn’t do it,” Lizzo said before proceeding to belt out her song “Cuz I Love You.”

Plenty of fans took to the comments to praise the video, with the “Plastic Hearts” singer among them. When Cyrus saw Lizzo’s performance, she took to her Instagram story to write (via Billboard), “I love you more! When I’m back from super bowl, We gonna try doing this s**t IN MASKS! Letsssss goooooooo!”

Cyrus said it herself — after the Super Bowl, maybe we can expect to see her performing on more treadmills than stages. 

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