How Leah Kate Turned Concert Trolls Into Streams

TikTok quickly went from the app where Leah Kate’s career first blew up to the musician’s “worst nightmare” amid her current tour with Chase Atlantic. During the pandemic, the pop-punk singer — responsible for breakup bops “10 Things I Hate About You” and  “Fuck Up This Friendship ” — got her big break on the video sharing app, where she boasts 600,000 followers and has nearly 22 million likes across her videos. But overnight this summer, the posts about her on the app turned negative.

Just a few shows into the tour, Kate began going viral on Titkok Chase Atlantic fans began posting videos of the crowd trolling her during the show, specifically during her performance of her nursery rhyme satire “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch.” The videos — some with nearly 10 million — captured concertgoers holding up their phones in the air as if they were recording her, but a close look revealed they were simply displaying the calculator app on their screens. Others played games like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush or held up the words “Get out of here” or “I didn’t pay for this BS” on their phones.

“It was my worst nightmare for a second,” Kate tells Rolling Stone. “When you go on the internet, it can feel like the whole world.”

But after enduring the hate for nearly two weeks, she had a realization backstage: “You can either let these haters bring you down and be sad about it, or you can get in on the joke, grow some thick skin, and take your power back.”

She spoke to her production team that day and decided to use the joke to her advantage. During her song “F U Anthem,” Kate changed the background screen from her logo to the Subway Surfers game. She also held up a calculator as she sang, “All of your fake ass friends who think they’re rockstars/This is my fuck you anthem.”

Replying to @superspicyx she was holding up a calculator and if u notice the screen in the background is playing subway surfers #leah #leahkate #chaseatlantic #coldnightstour

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