Hollyoaks star spared driving ban after pleading ‘exceptional hardship’ in court

Former Hollyoaks actress Faye Ayers has managed to avoid losing her licence despite driving without insurance.

The ex-soap star drove her Audi A6 because she needed to drive her daughter to school and public transport was out of the question.

She also claimed that her insurance was revoked without her knowledge as she missed an email asking for a copy of her driving licences.

Ayers said that due to her four-year-old daughter’s autism, she cannot ride on public transport.

The actress said that her daughter "disappears" when they are in public due to her hyper active tendencies and that she struggles to wear clothes that aren’t her school uniform.

Faye said: "I can’t really describe the situation, because it's really bad. She has a diagnosis of autism, learning difficulties and ADHD, but I think there is something else because she cannot wear clothes.”

The mother continued: “She has something extra. I do not know what it is, I do not know if it is more than autism. I did not think that anybody else could deal with what I deal with on a daily basis."

Faye said that she “can’t take her eyes off her” and that her car “gives her the freedom to go out” to her “extra-curricular activities” as she “can’t go to the local play area”.

The ex-Hollyoaks star said she “feels that her daughter is safe” when she is “in the car with her”.

Faye, who was crown Miss Liverpool in 2012, taked her daughter to a school that specialises in teaching children with special needs.

She attends three times a week and uses the school transport in the remaining days.

In September 2021, Ayers was stopped whilst driving in Merseyside and admitted to driving without insurance.

Due to this, she was fined £120 with £144 in costs and victim surcharges while six points were added to her licence.

Faye was not disqualified as chairman of the bench Brian Wilson explained that “the bar is very high with exceptional hardship,” but that she “reached that high standard”.

It was also noted that the impact of removing her licence would be “too great a price to pay” for Faye’s daughter.

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