Hear Trending Tropics Channel Disco-Rock on ‘Cyber Monday’

Trending Tropics join with Vetusta Morla, the indie band from Spain, and Carlos Alomar, who worked frequently with David Bowie, on their new disco-rock song “Cyber Monday.” The track will appear on Trending Tropics’ eponymous debut album.

After the warp-speed blast of the group’s lead single, “Elintelné,” “Cyber Monday” is a return to more traditional pacing. The guitar is the focus, high in the mix, playing bright, chicken-scratch lines; the drummer conjures a steady ruckus. During the bridge, Alomar starts playing double time, scrubbing furious funky riffs, and “Cyber Monday” ends with a brassy flourish of horns.

Trending Tropics consists of Visitante, a longtime member of Calle 13, and Vicente Garcia. The two are aesthetic omnivores on their debut album, scavenging from choral music, hip-hop, African pop and more. They examine the myriad ways that technology warps modern life, but the music is far too hooky to be overly dogmatic.

Trending Tropics is out October 19th.

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