Hear Major Lazer, Tove Lo’s New Afropop Anthem ‘Blow That Smoke’

Major Lazer haven’t put out an album in more than three years, but the band has kept busy. Recently, they’ve gone deep into African music. Diplo and Co. toured Africa – playing Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and more – and collaborated with several African artists for a mixtape last month.

They’ve now released a new single with Afropop roots: “Blow That Smoke,” feat. Scandanavian singer Tove Lo, a bouncey stomper with a West African guitar riff and heavy groove. “This song has been long in the making,” Tove Lo said in a statement. “It started with me and Diplo just sending ideas back and forth until I sent this vocal I was unsure what to do with, and they made magic with it! To me the song is about the sweet escape from your troubles or just mundane life by being a bit reckless and romantic.”

Major Lazer – Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire – are celebrating their tenth year as a group. Before the end of the year, they’ll play Indonisia, Thailand, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Diplo recently said that the group’s next album will be their last. “I think so, because I got [these] other side projects, like LSD with Sia and Silk City,” he said, referring to his project with Mark Ronson. The LP, he added, will feature “a bunch of stuff you haven’ t heard like that we made the last ten years. Next year marks our last album, so we got a lot of stuff in between now and then.”

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