Harry Styles fans ‘traumatised’ as man plummets head first from stand into crowd

Harry Styles fans have been left "traumatised" after a young man believed to be in his 20s fell from a great height during the hitmaker's concert.

The incident ,which left parents and their teen children "shaking" and "crying", happened at the Ibrox Stadium in Scotland on Saturday night (June 11).

Eye-witnesses say they saw the man descend from the Club Deck and land with a "thud" and "head first" in the main stand.

While the man is said to have been treated by medics at the scene who "performed CPR", his condition is still unknown.

One horrified source at the scene "thought he was dead" after they'd heard a sickening "crack" and noted the great height that the unknown man had fallen from.

Speaking to the Daily Record, the witness explained the harrowing ordeal as they tried to desperately shield their young children from the traumatising incident – that had taken place just a row in front.

They explained to the publication: "We were directly facing the stage. We were in row F, on the second level, underneath the Club Deck, a bit towards the right.

"He just came flying down from the Club Deck above and landed in the row right in front of us, there were people all round about.

The source continued: "People were throwing water over and then everyone screamed and jumped back. I heard the thud and my daughter told me what had happened. Straight away someone started doing CPR on him.

"He landed in the row in front of us, I was trying to shield the kids from it – I thought he was dead."

According to the eye-witness – who had ran to seek out emergency assistance from those at the venue – six security members were straight on the scene and began CPR on the man.

As the source ran off to get help, others rallied round to ensure that the children in the crowd were huddled together and shielded away from seeing medics attend to the man.

A spokesperson from Scotland Police Scotland updated further on the incident, explaining: "Officers were made aware of a man falling from a club deck at a premises on Edmiston Drive, Glasgow at around 10.15pm on Saturday, 11 June, 2022.

"There were no suspicious circumstances and the man was seen to by medical staff."

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