Guns N’ Roses groupie let Axl Rose put her sex moans in song to wind up drummer

When recording Appetite for Destruction, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was peckish for something else… sex.

So it was perfect timing when band groupie Adriana Smith arrived at their New York recording studio furious – and hungry for revenge.

Adriana, then a 19-year-old stripper and aspiring actress, had been in a year-long relationship with GnR drummer Steven Adler, but he had dumped her the day prior.

Seeing an opportunity, Axl asked her if she wanted to fulfil a dream of his to feature real-life sex sounds on their track Rocket Queen.

Adriana leapt at the chance, telling him she would do it “for the band… and a bottle of Jack Daniels.”

Decades later she spoke to the Mirror about recording the steamy sound effects.

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She said: “We cleared everyone out of the studio. Dimly lit, there were cushions in the booth, so no one could really see in. There were two guys in one booth and we were in another and I think they got a couple hours of recording of us having sex.

“It wasn’t really romantic, passionate or hot. It was kinda contrived, but they got some good stuff out of it.”

As one of the wildest bands in rock ’n’ roll history, Guns N' Roses got up to all sorts – drugs, fights, wild parties and orgies, but the explicit moaning on Rocket Queen is one of their most notorious moments.

Despite sound engineers recording a two-hour romp, just a 60-second snippet appears on the song, around the two-minute mark.

After the deed, during which studio techs had to come in and readjust toppled equipment as the couple writhed around, Adriana was worried her parents would be ashamed of her or that the X-rated vocals would scupper her acting career.

She only came clean to Steven after Axl insisted her credit appeared on the album as Adriana “Sex Machine” Smith.

It inevitably led to tensions between the bandmates.

The strawberry blond rock god, now 59, later explained that he had written it for a special lady friend who was planning on starting a band called Rocket Queen – and he had always dreamed of getting audio of an orgasm in there somewhere.

He said: “The last part of the song is my message to this person, or anybody else who can get something out of it.

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“It's like there's hope and a friendship note at the end of the song.

“For that song there was also something I tried to work out with various people—a recorded sex act. It was somewhat spontaneous but premeditated; something I wanted to put on the record.”

Appetite for Destruction is still the best selling debut album of all time in the US, and has shifted more than 30 million copies worldwide since it was released on July 21 1987.

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The album shot the fivesome – including iconic Stoke-born hat wearing guitar god Slash – to superstardom.

Steven battled heroin addiction and was fired from the band in 1991, later suing the remaining members and receiving a $2.25 million out-of-court settlement.

Adriana claims that she continued sleeping with Axl Rose for years, and he even invited her to move in with him and his partner so that she could "teach her how to have sex with him".

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