GMB’s Sean Fletcher left ‘crying and crying’ as beloved pet dog dies

Good Morning Britain star Sean Fletcher has revealed his family's dog Mimi has tragically passed away in a moving tribute.

The ITV reporter, 47, was emotional as he shared a heartbreaking post on Monday (22 June) about his family dog on Instagram alongside a series of photos of them together.

This comes as his dog Mimi passed away 10 days prior to the post, following her battle with cancer and suffering a "huge" amount of pain.

Taking to the social media site to open up to his fans about his heartache, he wrote: "I didn’t realise how large a hole in my family losing our poor dog Mimi would create.

"We had to say goodbye to her 10 days ago because her cancer was clearly causing her a huge amount of pain, despite high doses of painkillers."

He then spoke about how – understandably – he broke down in tears amid the tragic time, saying: "As we walked away from the vet we cried and we cried. We cried so much I’m not sure when we stopped. I didn’t realise it’d affect us like that."

Sean then went on to explain how powerful his bond was with Mimi, and that she helped him train for a whopping four marathons, as well as how she inspired him and his wife.

Discussing how important dogs are to their families, he went on: "Dogs become members of the family. They are incredibly loyal companions, and read your feelings better than humans.

"I spent so much time with her in her 10 years. She was my running companion during my training for 4 marathons, helping me through those long hard runs in terrible conditions.

"She was cwitchie (Welsh for cuddly). She was beautiful. She was a hoover when we dropped food on the floor.

"She inspired my wife and I to go out for regular long walks together – crucial marriage time for us."

Sean then recalled how "funny" she was and how she even stole the show on an episode of BBC's Countryfile last year with her back roll.

Sean then signed off the beautiful commemorative post by saying: "So it was heartbreaking to watch her deteriorate with cancer. We’ll miss her a lot."

Sean's post has since received a wave of support from his fans and co-stars who wanted to pay their respects.

Sean's GMB co-star Charlotte Hawkins replied: "Oh no, so sorry Sean".

Pip Tomson, another of Sean's GMB co-stars, then agreed with his sentiments about dogs, writing: "Dogs are the best of the best. Treasure the memories."

Doctor Amir Khan, who is also a regular on GMB as well as Lorraine, commented with a string of love-heart emojis to show his sympathy.

Sean's fans also joined in, with one who could relate to Sean's loss, commenting: "Sad news We have had a number of dogs and each time the pain is so great.

"But they leave paw prints in our hearts".

A second then wrote: "So sorry for your loss Sean. I know exactly what you're going through – all dog lovers do."

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