‘GMB’s Piers Morgan is doing what no other TV host is’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

Breakout star of The ApprenticeRyan-Mark Parsons is back sharing his thoughts on all things showbiz and television with Daily Star.

The television personality is kicking things off in 2021 with his beloved Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly set to divorce hubby Kanye West.

He's taken a look at Good Morning Britain and this week's debate which saw Matt Hancock refuse to admit any regret over voting against free meals for children last year.

Ryan-Mark is once again backing host Piers Morgan – saying the GMB star is simply doing what other TV presenters should be doing.

And with news that the new series of Celebs Go Dating is going all Love Island, with the inclusion of a so-called "sex cottage", Ryan-Mark shares his reaction.

Just answer the question, Matt

The showdown between Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock is a timeless example of how mealymouthed and Janus-faced politicians can be.

Matt Hancock’s refusal to admit regret or remorse for his vote against the extension of free school meals over holidays reminds us of the lack of humanity amongst certain MPs.

Was it so difficult for Hancock to say: "Yes, I regret my actions in the past. However, the government and I are doing everything we can to ensure children are being supported during this difficult period."

Who briefs these ministers before public appearances?

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This isn’t the first time members of government have appeared on GMB and left looking like rabbits in the headlights after Piers comes crashing into them.

During the interview, Hancock refused seven times to admit any regret for not backing Marcus Rashford’s campaign in 2020.

Despite Piers’ interrogation which required simple yes or no answers, the Health Secretary continued to peddle his own narrative to exonerate himself from any kind of guilt or national embarrassment.

Safe to say, he did quite the opposite.

Here’s the thing. Piers has got the balls to stand-up to snakes like Hancock, you’d never get that on rival BBC Breakfast.

However, Piers isn’t special and nothing he did was extraordinary.

The GMB presenter did what any good journalist should try to do: get to the truth and not worry about being liked.

That’s the bare minimum, and I’m glad we have people like Piers in positions to ask these questions, where others, seemingly, are afraid to do their jobs properly.

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This says a lot about the state of politics in this country too.

How refreshing would it be to get some clarity for once? No bravado or dodging simple questions. Just plain truth. Too much to ask for?

No. It’s about time MPs realise we’re not oblivious and their duplicitous ways will be called out and you will be dragged through the metaphorical online mud (also known as Twitter).

As much as it was painful to witness, we ought to get used to being uncomfortable if politicians won’t show their humanity and admit when they’re wrong.

It’s therefore the duty of presenters like Piers Morgan to hound those making the rules, and get the answers the people deserve – now more than ever.

Shock Kim and Kanye split rumours

  • Kim Kardashian spills out of lingerie as she hides ring finger amid divorce rumours

The biggest power couple in the world are rumoured to be ending their long-standing partnership, which is set to send shockwaves everywhere.

There has been no official statement from Kim, Kanye, or Jenner Communications, however sources close to the couple have expressed that Kim reportedly feels the marriage is “beyond repair”.

The source told People the breakdown was likely caused by Kanye’s Presidential run and Twitter rants, all of which mortified Kim, with pictures capturing the couple arguing in a car shortly after Kanye’s emotional and bizarre rally last year.

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The truth is, and I’m sure many people agree with me, Kim doesn’t need Kanye.

In fact, his influence over Kim is harming her brand, and her success over the years is testament to keeping the public on side which Kanye threatens to destroy.

Another source also told US Weekly that Kim and Kanye’s four children “know nothing about the problems their parents are having” and, of course, if rumours are true, I’m sure Kim will handle the children in best way possible.

Despite the divorce claims being the centre of attention, Kim has continued to post on social media, recently sharing a new campaign for her fragrance line – completely ignoring the scandal.

Kim has struggled with love throughout her time in the spotlight, she infamously divorced Kris Humphries in 2011 after 72 days of marriage.

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However, a split from Kanye would prove even more seismic, after six years the couple have been exceptionally close and shared countless public moments together.

Yet I always felt there was something odd about the rapper, he seemed to yield a negative influence over Kim and perhaps indoctrinated her to some degree with his own ideological nonsense that is often subject to online criticism.

Meanwhile, amongst the chaos, Kanye has retreated to the couple’s $14million ranch in Wyoming whilst Kim remains in Los Angeles with the children.

As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire, and I’m sure a divorce announcement is imminent.

Good for Kim, if that’s what she wants. As for Kanye, I couldn’t care less.

Celebs Go Dating X-Rated

  • Inside Celebs Go Dating 'sh**ging cottage' where stars hope to make a 'connection'

Gosh, a lot has changed since Celebs Go Dating first aired in 2016.

Now, couples are dating within the compounds of a £30million estate to protect themselves from the never-ending threat of coronavirus.

Yet, an even greater revelation has been news of a "sex cottage", similar to Love Island where couples can take their dates away from prying eyes (except us at home).

A source close to the show explained celebs have to prove they’re “serious and not just up for some nookie” and would only be used by committed couples.

There’s nothing more classy than watching Z-list celebs have sex on telly for a bit of cash for taking part in the series, it almost feels morally objectionable. The source also revealed at least “two celebs managed to get a stay and made the most of it”, so it appears we’re definitely in for a surprise when the show starts later this month.

Some of the celebs taking part this year include Strictly’s Karim Zeroual, Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard, and Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry who seems indefinitely single (I wonder why?).

It’s an interesting mix and I can already imagine who might’ve made the most of this “sh***ing cottage”!

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