Geordie Shore Chloe Ferry’s real name accidentally exposed by co-star Sophie

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry has been outed by a friend from the MTV reality show after co-star Sophie Kasaei unveiled her real name on social media.

For the last six years entrepreneur and influencer Chloe Ferry has been known by a completely different name but on Instagram Sophie gave her followers a little reminder.

When the 25-year-old first hit TV screens she was introduced by her given name Chloe West Etherington but she decided to change it later on.

However Sophie accidentally revealed her previous name after she tried to settle an outstanding payment of 4 pence which Chloe says she was owed.

To prove the payment had been made Sophie posted a screenshot showing confirmation that the transfer had been made.

Unfortunately the screenshot also revealed Chloe's previous name for everyone on social media to see.

The confirmation read: "Your payment of £0.04 to CHLOE ETHERINGTON has been sent."

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Sophie then joked: "Don't say I ever owe you money again @chloegshore1."

Although the reveal may have confused some fans, Chloe actually uses her full name for all her registered businesses.

Chloe was recently left shaken up following an incident at her Newcastle home where an obsessed fan broke into the grounds of her £1.1m pad.

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The Geordie star was forced to call the police after being left traumatised following a break-in at her new million-pound mansion.

A deranged fan climbed over the gate of her dream home earlier this week and was so distraught by the incident that she's told friends she wished she had "never entered into the public eye".

The culprit left Chloe a note underneath her plant pot and took photos on the grounds before making a sharp exit.

Police are now reportedly investigating the incident that has shaken up the reality star.

Chloe also commented on the incident: "It is not normal. If I could turn back time for all this. I wouldn't want it because it is not a nice feeling."

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