Fleetwood Mac Prep Deluxe Edition of 1980 Live Album, Drop 'The Chain' Performance

Fleetwood Mac are revisiting their 1980 live album for a super-deluxe edition out April 9th via Rhino.

Fleetwood Mac Live was mostly recorded mostly during their tour for Tusk, but the super deluxe-edition will contain unreleased live music recorded between 1977 and 1982. The collection comprises a three-CD/two-LP set, as well as a bonus 7-inch single of previously unreleased demos for “Fireflies” and “One More Night.” To accompany the release, the band dropped a raucous version of “The Chain” from the Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland, Ohio, which took place on May 20th, 1980.

The deluxe edition of Live is packaged in a slipcase containing a booklet, an itinerary for the Tusk tour, and a history of the album by writer David Wild. “Then and now, Fleetwood Mac Live artfully marks a fascinating time period for a group that, in one form or another, has been on the global stage for more than half a century,” he wrote. “It’s a wildly entertaining rock & roll circus in full swing under a big tent of the band’s own creation as they leave audiences dazzled in locales from Paris, France, to Passaic, New Jersey.”

Fleetwood Mac Live: Super Deluxe Edition CD Tracklist

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
1. “Monday Morning”
2. “Say You Love Me”
3. “Dreams”
4. “Oh Well”
5. “Over & Over”
6. “Sara”
7. “Not That Funny”
8. “Never Going Back Again”
9. “Landslide”

Disc Two: Original Album Remastered
1. “Fireflies”
2. “Over My Head”
3. “Rhiannon”
4. “Don’t Let Me Down Again”
5. “One More Night”
6. “Go Your Own Way”
7. “Don’t Stop”
8. “I’m So Afraid”
9. “The Farmer’s Daughter”

Disc Three
1. “Second Hand News” *
2. “The Chain” *
3. “Think About Me” *
4. “What Makes You Think You’re the One” *
5. “Gold Dust Woman” *
6. “Brown Eyes” *
7. “The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)” *
8. “Angel” *
9. “Hold Me” *
10. “Tusk” *
11. “You Make Loving Fun” *
12. “Sisters Of The Moon” *
13. “Songbird” *
14. “Blue Letter” *
Bonus Track
15. “Fireflies” – Remix – Long Version

LP Tracklist 

LP One: Side One
1. “Monday Morning”
2. “Say You Love Me”
3. “Dreams”
4. “Oh Well”
5. “Over & Over”

LP One: Side Two
1. “Sara”
2. “Not That Funny”
3. “Never Going Back Again”
4. “Landslide”

LP Two: Side One
1. “Fireflies”
2. “Over My Head”
3. “Rhiannon”
4. “Don’t Let Me Down Again”
5. “One More Night”

LP Two: Side Two
1. “Go Your Own Way”
2. “Don’t Stop”
3. “I’m So Afraid”
4. “The Farmer’s Daughter”

Bonus 7-Inch Single
A. “Fireflies” – Demo *
B. “One More Night” – Demo *

* previously unreleased

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