Ex On The Beach star James ‘Jimmy’ Moore spared jail after attacking friend

Ex on beach contestant James "Jimmy" Moore has been spared jail after assaulting his friend in a jealous alcohol-fuelled rage.

The court heard that James lashed out after discovering his girlfriend in his friend's spare room.

The former reality star appeared on MTV’s Ex On The Beach in 2016.

The court heard that he was playing drinking games with pals before an argument broke out.

Blackpool Magistrates' Court was told that James, 29, rugby tackled his friend in the attack and proceeded to hit him at his home in Blackpool last year.

Magistrates were also informed that Moore and his partner had been rowing at a party before she stormed off.

The victim, who is making the allegations against Moore, told the court that he and his partner left the party to go home and invited Moore’s girlfriend to go with them and stay in their spare bedroom.

The Ex On The Beach star later turned up at his friend’s home and charged through the back door before storming upstairs and insisting to know why his girlfriend was there.

Moore rugby tackled the victim by jumping on top of him and hurting his elbow when asked to leave the property.

As the victim struggled to get Moore off of him, his girlfriend repeatedly kicked Moore to try and remove him.

Police were called and Moore was later arrested.

The star informed the Blackpool Magistrates' Court that he had been drinking in the afternoon at a family lunch and consumed more alcohol later on in the day when he held drinking games at his home.

He also revealed that he continued drinking at the party.

Moore agreed that he had problems with his temper and alcohol. He also informed judges that he suffered from mental health issues and had spent three weeks in rehab.

He was also taking part in a recovery programme.

Speaking to the judge, Moore said: "I have had mental health issues and have just spent three weeks in rehab and am now on a recovery programme. I have tried to take my own life a few times.”

District Judge Jane Goodwin ordered Moore to pay £714 in fines and costs.

Whilst sentencing him Goodwin said: "The evidence of the victim and his partner was compelling."

She continued: ”You had a loss of temper and you went off to a party, which may have been the trigger to events. You were not invited into the victim’s home. This was a sad situation all round."

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