Emily Atack opens up on horrific rape threats she receives every day from trolls

Emily Atack has revealed how married dads “tuck daughters into bed at night” before bombarding her with rape and death threats.

The Inbetweeners actress, 31, says she feels depressed and anxious after receiving thousands of vile messages and photos.

Emily revealed: “Some of these men are married with children.

“They’ve got daughters in their profile pictures and things like that.

“How can you sleep at night knowing you’ve just tucked your daughters into bed and then you’re sneakily going onto your phone?”

One sicko could even describe the cushions on her sofa at home and threatened to rape her.

Emily said: “Someone broke into my house around that time.

“It was terrifying and the police just hit a dead end. They said, ‘There’s nothing we can do ­because we can’t go any further.’ They tried.”

It is not known whether the two incidents, which happened about five years ago, are linked.

Emily shopped the pervert to cops but they hit a brick wall because the social media platforms would not reveal their identity.

Emily added: “I am a woman on my own and I’m in my thirties, and it’s a trigger point because you receive messages like that.”

It was never confirmed whether the break-in and threat were directly linked, but Emily was still understandably terribly shaken up by the awful experience.

Previous to this, Emily also admitted to being trolled "every day" over her weight.

She told The Sun's TV Mag: "I do have a thick skin and it’s only getting thicker. I do get tougher as the years progress."

Earlier this year, Emily also spoke on ITV about how the abuse she's received has "had a huge impact on her mental health".

She said: "This is something I've been dying to talk about for a really long time, it's about finding the right moment and feeling ready to.

"We live our lives online now and there's this new culture, especially young people, but also older people too, anybody can say anything to anybody.

"Trolling is one thing, but what I'm really noticing is this sexual harassment blind spot that's really out of control, it's had a huge impact on my mental health.

"I think we're seeing the impact of social media and what it has on people, highlighting this sexual harassment blind spot is really important to me… people think they can get away with it online."

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