EastEnders’ Lacey Turner finally shares baby boy’s unusual name with fans

EastEnders star Lacey Turner, who plays fan-favourite Stacey Slater on the BBC soap, has revealed her baby son's incredibly unusual name.

Lacey, 32, gave birth to her new son prematurely and revealed last week that he weighed a tiny 6lbs.

The actress and her husband Matt Kay were delighted to introduce their new bundle of joy to the world, announcing his name as Trilby Fox in this week’s OK! magazine.

Trilby and Dusty make quite the duo, and the loved-up parents were beaming as they shared their excitement for their new family.

Speaking about where the unexpected name choice came from, the EastEnders star told the publication: "I always thought it was such a cool name.

"I knew a girl once and her sister was called Trilby Fox and I always thought it was such a cool name, and I quite liked it for a boy, so I've had it in my head for a really long time!

"It’s nice because when people say, 'What's his name?' you say, 'Trilby, like the hat.'"

The star went on to joke that when she and Matt told people about their daughter’s new moniker, they would often explain it was like legendary crooner Dusty Springfield.

Lacey’s birth experience was a harrowing one as her little boy spent two days in a special care unit for babies after unexpected complications.

It turned out the infant was suffering from fluid on his lungs and doctors and nurses needed to monitor him to be safe.

Luckily, Lacey confirmed her newborn is doing "really well" now, but admitted it was incredibly scary seeing him hooked up to so many wires in his hospital bed.

The actress also took the time to praise EastEnders for how they supported her through it, saying they were open and accommodating to her schedule.

Lacey said her recovery was so fast she even "popped in" to the set to finish a couple of scenes as early as the following week after she’d given birth to Trilby.

The star explained her plan is to have six months off work with the hope of spending some time in the sun-soaked climes of Ibiza before going back full-time in August.

Lacey and Matt suffered from two miscarriages during their attempts to start a family, with Dusty being their miracle baby.

The heartbreak of losing two meant Lacey chose to ignore her pregnancy for the first three weeks.

Now the couple are over the moon with their gorgeous brood.

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