DaBaby Heavily Trolled Over His New Album

The ‘Suge’ hitmaker released his third studio album ‘Blame It on Baby’ as a follow-up to his No. 1 record ‘Kirk’ on Thursday midnight, April 17, but many are not thrilled to listen to his new music.

AceShowbizDaBaby has completed his new album and released “Blame It on Baby” amid the coronavirus pandemic. But instead of taking pleasure in getting new music from their favorite star and enjoying it, many end up getting disappointed after listening to the album.

After the record was made available for streams on Friday, April 17 at midnight, fans quickly took to Twitter to share their opinion on DaBaby’s third studio album. They didn’t hold back on sharing their criticisms over the record, with one writing, “I hope I like the new dababy album but if not he definitely did have a good run.”

Thinking that it wasn’t worth to be released, another wondered, “so….uh… who tf approved the dababy album?” Another admitted, “Yeah I’m disappointed,” while someone bluntly said, “I can confirm it’s trash.. nothing to see here guys.”

Another shared what’s wrong about the album, “DaBaby’s lack of versatility is gonna hurt him badly.” One other user weighed in, “@DaBabyDaBaby album is not good because he’s rapping about what he thinks everyone wants to hear scared to show people how educated and diverse he really is . I hope next time you really y’all yo s**t.”

Some others, meanwhile, blamed the bad record on DaBaby making three albums within the span of one year. “Might be time for DaBaby to hang it up. Back to back albums,” one of them claimed.

But there are still a few who think that DaBaby’s “Blame It on Baby” isn’t that bad. “I don’t care if DaBaby sounds the same a lot. He gets me hyped,” a fan commented. “I’d rate Dababy album a 6.5/10. He got a couple hit but it could have definitely been better,” another gave a mixed review. Similarly, someone else said, “It wasn’t horrible buttttttt it is not his best work.”

Disagreeing with the critics, one shared, “I like it.” One other echoed the sentiment, “Y’all are tripping his album is LIT!!” Additionally, someone responded to the haters, “honestly yall not listening to the album right. jus because the beat may not fit ur style doesnt mean he aint spittin. listen to baby he actually speakin.”

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