Coldplay’s 20th Anniversary Celebrated in New Book, ‘Life in Technicolor’

In advance of the forthcoming documentary on Coldplay, “A Head Full of Dreams” — which arrives in theaters Nov. 14 and on Amazon Prime Video two days later — the woman who was among the first to discover the band has co-authored a book. “Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay” by Debs Wild, the A&R scout who saw on of their first shows, and music journalist Malcolm Croft, arrives in bookstores today (Oct. 15). 

All of these projects are pegged to the group’s 20th anniversary (it actually formed in 1996 under the rather less-memorable name Pectoralz, then changed to Starfish before becoming Coldplay in 1998).

The coffee table book features color photos that tell the story of the band’s rise to stadium-sized stardom. Each section correlated to the making of each of Coldplay’s seven studio albums and includes spotlight chapters about each member of the band: drummer Will Champion, Bassist Guy Berryman, Guitarist Jonny Buckland, and lead singer Chris Martin.

Among the highlights: The introduction includes a scanned page from Wild’s personal diary the night after seeing Coldplay perform for the first time at the Cuba Cafe in Manchester. “Their sound is great – shame their look isn’t,” Wild wrote of her first impression of the band on September 14, 1998. “Pretty shabby. I know everyone bangs on about image and all that but I don’t care that the singer was wearing cords and a tank top over a t shirt. He had a mop of curly hair and braces on his teeth. The rest of the band didn’t look great either but they have something, something special.”


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