Chicago Duo Drama Make Relationship Anxiety Sound Seductively Danceable on 'Hit My Line'

Chicago electro-soul duo Drama’s new EP Don’t Wait Up traces the moments in a relationship that keep a person pining, even when it becomes clear the situation is toxic. On opener “3AM,” singer-songwriter Via Rosa sings of only seeing a love interest in the wee hours, with a cheery “Hit you with that one-two ooh, hallelujah,” but she also questions “why are you acting like you’re tired of me” over Na’el Shehade’s dance-floor-ready production. Meanwhile, on “Don’t Hold Back” Rosa pleads with a flighty lover to stay true and commit. “Got me where you want me, now you’re running,” she sings.

“Hit My Line” is the nexus of the EP’s themes, capturing the push-and-pull emotional intricacies of attraction in an imbalanced relationship. The track moves away from the dance floor of uncertainty and into the lustful waiting game. The house-and-jazz-infused production is augmented by a sultry, forlorn saxophone that mirrors the late-night lonely lament, buoying Rosa’s soulful, repeated refrains.

“Call me back/Hit my line/I’ll be like ‘Don’t you worry, there’s no hurry, You’re right on time’/Won’t change my mind,” she assures, while beckoning her lover to “come and get it.” But as the song progresses, the anticipation gives way to glimmers of doubt, sitting alone as the minutes tick by until “it’s almost 2 a.m.” before it turns into “waiting all night for your loving, all night for you.”

“Hit My Line” encapsulates the feeling of holding out hope, despite tell-tale warning signs. Its yearning, repeated lines illustrate the singular drive that echoes in the mind, of wanting something so badly while showcasing reasons for its inevitable disappointment, even if the heart has yet to accept it.

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Drama North American Tour Dates
March 9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
March 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
March 12 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
April 1 – Monterrey, MX @ Tecate Pal Norte 2022
April 2 – Mexico City, MX @ Ceremonia 2022
May 27 – Chillicothe, IL @ Summer Camp Music Festival
May 28 – Detroit, MI @ Movement Electronic Music Festival
June 23 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest 2022

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