Charlotte Crosby slams her pals ‘living it up’ in Dubai in furious lockdown rant

Charlotte Crosby has savaged her friends who are "living normal lives" in Dubai as she stays home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 30-year-old former Geordie Shore reality TV star took to her official Instagram account to have a rant about her fellow influencers who are out of the country and "working" in Dubai amid lockdown.

Charlotte said she is "f***ing sick" of seeing other influencers living it up in Dubai and Australia.

Speaking to her 7.1million followers, she said: "I'm f***ing sick of seeing all my Australian friends and people in Dubai, doing Normal things.

"The northeast have been in lockdown for near enough 3 months."

Charlotte continued: "How the f***ing earth is England in this situation. We've opened and closed and opened and closed.

"I remember when they were doing eat out to help out everywhere f***ing PACKED. Crowded and queues everywhere [sic.]"

The star then returned to her Instagram Story to ask her millions of followers why they think the UK is still in a strict lockdown compared to the rest of the world.

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Charlotte asked: "Please enlighten me on why we are in this position. And don't bother saying because people have been bending the rules.

"Because do you honestly think places like Australia and New Zealand never bent the rules?!?!

She added: "It's so frustrating I follow so many Australians as my work is so heavily on Australia! [sic.] And you guys handled it so well! Good for you I say! More f***ing fool us."

The star also took aim at the government's decision to keep schools open but not gyms.

She wrote: "Gyms shut and schools stayed open. Infection rate in schools is so much higher than the other places they decided to close! [sic.]"

This isn't the first time Charlotte has showed annoyance at her pals who are in Dubai as she liked her dad's tweet last month slamming stars who were out there.

Charlotte's dad Gary tweeted: "All these 'influencers' out in Dubai, sending pics of themselves sunbathing or amazing food they are noshing, while we are all in lockdown, people are dying in record numbers and our local businesses are closing (some for good).

"Just influencing me to think they are utter tw*ts."

Charlotte liked the tweet but did not reply to it.

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