Carol Vorderman oozes beauty as she dons subtle makeup in stunning snap

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Carol Vorderman showed off her age-defying looks as she took to her Instagram story to show her fans a before and after of getting glammed-up.

The mother-of-two certainly stole the show after she uploaded a gorgeous photo to herself smiling gleefully down the camera lens.

Allowing her bold auburn locks to tumble down in front of her, Carol, 60, looked radiant as she applied a minimal amount of mascara to striking green eyes.

Wearing casual attire, Carol poked fun at an earlier snap which saw her wearing no makeup whatsoever, before adding: "Ooh that's better," followed by a laughing emoji, on her new pic.

She continued: "Hope you're having a grand day," followed by winking face emoji.

Carol's glam look showed her from the start to finish of getting glammed-up all while in the car, with the beauty opting for a subtle wave in her blonde locks and a brown eyeshadow on her lids.

It seems the beauty had a busy day, and it's likely fans will get an update as the Countdown star is an avid Instagram user and never fails to tell her fans any life updates.

Many of her Instagram updates see Carol wow her fans on countless occasions with her stunning outfits and her gorgeous physique as she often pours her curves into tightly fitted outfits.

In a recent interview with Hello, the TV personality spoke openly about her current relationship status after people questioned whether she wanted to marry again.

Speaking candidly, she said: "People say, 'She wants to be married again.' No, I don't! Who says I do? That's what society dictates. I've got loads of single, independent girlfriends who are much happier than many of their married counterparts. I'm much happier being single and I love my life.

"Women in our 60s, we have been at the bow wave of change. When I got into television, there were hardly any women. All of the generations above us had older views. My mother told me at the age of 18, if I wasn't married by the age of 24, I was on the shelf and a spinster for life."

Talking about her outfit choices, the star said she has been previously criticised by those in her age group for wearing certain clothes.

"Carol said: "Now I'm 60, I still get slated by some of my own generation. I wore leggings the other day with some mesh in – I'd had them for years and I wore them with a tatty jumper. I had, 'She should know better at her age,' and 'What a ridiculous thing to do at 60.'"

However Carol has ignored the backlash and continues to wear whatever she pleases.

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