Carol Vorderman, 60, flashes hourglass curves she sizzles in tiny nude bikini

Carol Vorderman sent temperatures soaring to new heights as she took to a hot tube to flaunt her incredible and age-defying curves.

The 60-year-old bombshell is readying herself for a "busy month ahead" and in preparation of the madness the TV star was treating herself to some needed R&R.

Fortunately for her adoring Instagram fanbase, the Countdown star was on-hand to document the steamy moment.

While slipping into the warm water, the Pride of Britain host captured a selfie – and it certainly grabbed the attention of her 159,000 followers.

Looking scorching hot, Carol wore a barely-there bikini that was nude in colour and gave off the illusion that she had posed completely naked.

However the mathematician who had struck up a seated pose in the racy pic, was in fact wearing a string style bikini top that didn't leave very much to the imagination at all.

The TV icon also wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup as her youthful skin radiated in the barefaced image.

Embracing her natural locks, Carol showed off her wet and wavy honey coloured hair.

Sending fans wild, she added the caption: "Left @juicemasterretreats @jasonvale Juicy Oasis so happy…..and can I say that everyone who works here, and I mean EVERYONE, has a smile on their face, they love their job and it's infectious… kind of place.

"Refreshed now for a big month ahead…..lots of work on in all my businesses….and then hosting the wonderful 22nd @prideofbritain at the end of the month with @ashleybanjogram. I can't wait x


Meanwhile, Carol recently hit the headlines after she'd opened up about her son Cameron, 24, "heartbreaking" special education needs.

Carol who is famous for her astonishing intelligence broke her silence on the matter after her son had achieved a masters degree – an accolade that the starlet had once believe would be out of reach.

Marking Cameron's will and sheer determination, she penned an emotional statement alongside a sweet and rare picture of her son.

She said: "A STORY OF CELEBRATION. My son Cameron was a happy toddler. Before and after he started school it became clear that he had severe special educational needs.

"No school would accept him. I was going to give up work to teach him but even I couldn't teach a child with his needs."

In a second post Carol added: "Cam went to a 'special school' for 5 yrs where they specialised in teaching children like him.

"Then he changed school to mainstream age 10 but still had additional specialist help. I knew he was super bright but that his development curve would be a different shape to 'normal'."

Proud Carol, who is also a mother to daughter Katie, continued: "So Cam stuck with it, through endless bullying (you're thick!!!), changed school, developed strategies to learn, worked hard and eventually got a FIRST CLASS DEGREE IN ANIMATION FROM @UWEBristol last summer.

"Now he has just received A MASTERS DEGREE FROM @dundeeuni."

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