Big Brother star Bex Shiner now earns mega-fortune from 20-hour OnlyFans shifts

Former Big Brother contestant Bex Shiner is now making thousands from OnlyFans.

Rebecca, best known as 'Bex', has also appeared on Babestation before turning to OnlyFans to sell her content online.

The former nurse is now raking it in, earning thousands every month and hopes she can be a good example of a voice for "equal rights for sex workers".

She told the Daily Star in February 2022: "I want equal rights for sex workers and to tell people that we are human and we can go and do other things and make something of ourselves even if it is outside the industry."

Bex appeared on the 2008 series of Big Brother show and became known for keeping viewers gripped thanks to her flirty relationship with once-boyfriend Luke Marsden.

At the time, Luke's girlfriend Gina dumped him over to the pair's flirting and Big Brother 9 was won by Welsh model and TV personality Rachel Rice, while poor Bex was evicted on day 51.

How much does Bex Shiner get from OnlyFans?

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Former Big Brother housemate Bex Shiner is earning over £12,000 every month thanks to her racy content.

Her success on the site blew up during lockdown, when plenty of people had a little extra time on their hands.

She revealed: "There will be times I am sitting on my phone for up to 18-20 hours a day and then I’m only sleeping for a couple of hours and then I’m taking my daughter to nursery and then I’m sitting on my phone some more.

"I have worked really hard for the last seven years to build it up to that point of making £12,000 a month. It has been a lot of hard work, networking, promotion and dedication to the page."

Who is Bex Shiner?

Bex Shiner is an OnlyFans model and former nursery nurse who became known for taking part in the ninth series of Big Brother in 2008.

Her amazing fortune allowed Bex to branch out into another profession and she bought a burger van, the brilliantly named Bap Station.

Bex hopes to expand the business after buying her new house and revealed she would like to "rent a restaurant and take Bap Station further".

She said: "My OnlyFans kicked off pretty big over lockdown and I was able to get a big chunk of money together and I just bought it on a whim.

"I was like, ‘What am I doing this for, why have I bought a van?’ But I did a lot of research on smash burgers and I found a really good recipe and have added some bits to make it my own."

Bex, now based in Walsall with her boyfriend and daughter, added: "The burger van is just something else for me to be able to concentrate on. I have a little girl now and I wanted to do something for her.

"With OnlyFans you are sitting at home a lot and it can get a little bit boring working on your own so it has been good to get out there to do something different."

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