BGT star Darcy Oake ‘thought he would die’ while performing water tank stunt

Britain's Got Talent finalist Darcy Oake admitted he thought he could die while performing a water tank stunt.

The 34-year-old magician rose to fame after appearing on the ITV talent show in 2014 where he came fifth overall.

Darcy, who is originally from Canada, wowed the world in his first audition when he performed a jaw-dropping dove illusion act – an act he had been perfecting for over a decade.

After making it through to the final, the magician upped the stakes and put his life at risk by executing a death-defying bear trap.

Darcy continued performing dangerous stunts upon leaving the competition, but revealed in an exclusive interview with Daily Star that there are times when he was concerned for his life.

The magician explained two occasions where he was working on a stunt in which his head was locked in a tank of water and things went wrong.

He said: "The worst thing you can do in a situation like that is panic, because when you start panicking, your heart starts racing and then you just naturally want to try to breathe, so that happened to me twice."

"One of them was in rehearsal so that was a lesson right there. Luckily, there was like people around and they were able to open the thing up and it was fine."

Darcy went on to say that the second time things went horribly wrong was during his first big arena show in his hometown where he decided to make the stunt even more dangerous.

"The escape was head in a tank of water, hands were locked, and you had to pick the locks to get out, so for the last show I was like let's raise the whole thing up into the air so nobody can get to it."

He continued: "I thought it was going to be so epic, but that changed the whole dynamic of it because I got up there and panicked – not right away but it was really bad and so they had to lower me down."

The BGT star admitted that the reason he performs life-threatening stunts is because of the reaction he gets from people.

"It's definitely for the reaction because that's where it all comes from, especially with magic, in general you do it to get these reactions or to evoke these sorts of responses out of people," he revealed.

The dad-of-one confessed that he didn't feel like people believed him when he explained how dangerous his stunts were, so it was important for him to make sure he was living up to the level of danger they expected.

"For me it was important for it to actually be dangerous because if you feel nervous doing it, then the audience can feel your nerves so they're like oh my god, this is this is actually what he says it is."

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