Artist of the Week: Sabrina Carpenter

The former ‘Girl Meets World’ star proves that love always wins as she is climbing up the charts while taking a stand against her haters in a meaningful song called ‘Skin’.

AceShowbizSabrina Carpenter was forced to stand up for herself as she received a lot of hate over her relationship with Joshua Bassett after his ex Olivia Rodrigo dropped a breakup single called “Drivers License”. Staying true to herself as an artist, she picked up her pen and wrote a song to address the situation.

As Olivia’s “Drivers License” gave an impression that she stole someone else’s boyfriend, Sabrina used her lyrics to tell her side of the story. In a slow jam called “Skin”, the former “Girl Meets World” actress reminded everyone to be careful with what they said because there’s “gravity in the words we write.”

“Maybe we could’ve been friends / If I met you in another life,” so the 21-year-old blonde singer/songwriter crooned, without giving out any names. “Maybe you didn’t mean it / Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme.”

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Recorded for her new studio album, the song quickly trended on YouTube. It also climbed up to the top 10 on both U.S. iTunes and Spotify charts, raking in over 1.8 million streams worldwide on the opening day. It additionally hit the pinnacle in the New Zealand singles chart and peaked at the top 30 in the United Kingdom.

Many linked the word “blonde” to the “Drivers License” where 17-year-old Olivia talked about “that blonde girl, who always made me doubt.” As the internet went abuzz with speculations that Sabrina took aim at Olivia, Sabrina quickly set the record straight. She insisted she wasn’t “calling out one single person.”

“I wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it,” she explained. “Some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I’ve had this past year..”

She made it clear that she didn’t condone bullying as she concluded her message by asking fans not to spread hate, “I don’t want this to become an endless cycle so please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hate anyone’s way.”

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