Angels and Airwaves Soundtrack a Wild Night in Vegas in 'Losing My Mind'

Angels and Airwaves have released a new single and video, “Losing My Mind,” that calls back to lead singer Tom DeLonge’s days in Blink-182.

In the band’s 2001 video for “First Date,” DeLonge plays a hippie version of himself named Boomer, performing alongside his bandmates in a rundown garage. In the Angels and Airwaves clip, DeLonge returns as Boomer’s older brother Disco, who joins TikTok dance star Rampage for a night on the town in Las Vegas. Yes, the backstory’s timeline is confusing — how is the tracksuit-wearing Disco older than Boomer? — but it makes for a fun, wacky video all the same.

“Losing My Mind” is the third single from Angels and Airwaves’ upcoming album Lifeforms, following “Euphoria” and “Restless Souls.” The album, which marks the band’s first since 2014’s The Dream Walker, is out September 24th.

“This album for me is a journey through different relationships, different points of view, and how we each have our own life path,” DeLonge said.

Following a set at Lollapalooza this Saturday, Angels and Airwaves will embark on their tour in support of Lifeforms on September 29th at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, California. The run will wrap on November 7th at Soma in San Diego, California.

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