Adele ‘in Talks’ to Move Las Vegas Residency to New Bigger Venue Due to Scheduling Clash

The ‘Easy on Me’ hitmaker will reportedly move the residency to Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, which is almost twice as big as the Caesar’s Palace and can seat 7,000 fans.

AceShowbizAdele‘s postponed Las Vegas residency could be moving from its original venue, Caesar’s Palace, due to a scheduling clash sparked by the singer’s abrupt sudden cancellation. The “Easy on Me” hitmaker is reportedly “in talks” to move her show to a bigger venue.

A source informed The Sun on Tuesday, March 1, “Talks are ongoing with Adele about the possibility of her moving the residency to [Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater].” The insider added, “The venue is within the Caesars family, who she has the huge money deal with, and it’s world class.” The theater is almost twice as big as Caesar’s Palace and can seat 7,000 fans.

“It’s been a residency spot for a host of huge stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain,” added the informant. “And after the issues raised by Adele about her set and the sound quality at the [Caesar’s Palace], it seems Zappos could be the answer.”

The so-called insider went on to say that “the schedule at the [Caesar’s Palace] is seriously tight.” The source added, “That venue was her first choice, but if that isn’t possible then Zappos is the perfect fit and they want her to know the door is open.”

Adele, who won three Brit Awards for her album “30” last month, vowed the residency would take place this year after she canceled the show less than 24 hours. During an interview on “The Graham Norton Show”, she admitted that the reason behind the postponement had nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic despite her previous statement.

“I tried my hardest and really thought I would be able to pull something together in time,” Adele elaborated. “I regret that I kept going until that late in the day. It would have been a really half-a**ed show, and I can’t do that.”

“People will see straight through me up on the stage and know I didn’t want to be doing it. I’ve never done anything like that in my life and I’m not going to start now,” Adele went on saying. The chart-topping singer then promised that she will announce new dates when “everything will definitely be ready.” She added, “The sooner I can announce the better, but I just can’t in case we are not ready in time.”

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