Zazie Beetz’s Dream Crossover for Domino Involves a DCEU Supervillain

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DC Comics is often considered a rival to Marvel, but “Deadpool 2” star Zazie Beetz sees a way their movies could cross over.
The actress was at ACE Comic Con over the weekend when she admitted that she’d love to see her Marvel character share the screen with the DCEU’s Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). She’d actually been asked which Marvel Cinematic Universe character she’d want Domino to team up with — a gaffe she acknowledged.
“I just thought Harley Quinn, but she’s not Marvel,” Beetz said, per “But I feel like that could be such a fun combination.”
The two really would be fun to watch together. Domino is a cocky and skilled, not to mention lucky, mutant, whereas Harley Quinn is a supervillain who is both playful and a pyschopath. We can imagine them having an interesting dynamic; in fact, Domino — were she a part of the DCEU — could be a great addition to “Birds of Prey,” the upcoming film centering on Harley and other female DC characters.
More realistically, though, Beetz could play Domino in an crossover with the MCU now that Disney and Fox are merging, as pointed out. In that case, she’d like to get involved with the Iron Man movies. That’d work, too, but we’re still into her Domino-Harley Quinn idea.

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